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Tira - Soul Calibur 5

Debuted: Dragon Con 2014
Worn at: Dragon Con 2014

After having so much fun wearing my Tira 2nd Player costume from Soul Calibur 4, I finally broke down and made this version! I was not crazy about the underboob coming back into the design, so it took me a while to actually decide ot make it. I chose not do that for my costume, and I altered the top to be more modest...and comfortable. It's sort of specal, because the green and pink seude that I used were left over from my last Tira costume...so it has a little bit of that old Tira design feel to me. ahhhh good memories!! :)

Even though I love that cray cray Tira, this costume was not fun to make! Although It's strangly comfortable to wear. I had to do a lot of trial and error with the armor and how to attach it so that it could be easily taken off and packed. I made the costume and styled the wig.

That spectacular ring blade was made by Neon Genocide! It breaks apart into 3 pieces for easier travel...although it still doesn't fit in a suit case.

Dragon Con 2014:

Photo by Winged Mammal:


Photo taken by Chasis Photos:

Photos by Lionel Lum

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Photos by David Dunn

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