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 Katsucon 2012:
We were judges for the Masqeurade

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Anime USA 2012:
Shining Wind Skit - Won Best Overall Craftsmanship
Video of the performance can be seen here. Our skit was number 5, and it starts at  14:50.


Birmingham, UK. International cosplay guests


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Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival 2011 Cosplay Fashion Show:



Anime USA 2010:

Magna Carta Skit. Won Best in Show and Best Overall Craftsmanship


Best Buy Final Fantasy XIII Store Release - 2010:
We won a free copy of FFXIII and a limited edition game guide



Expo TNT 19 2010:
Neon Genocide and I were International cosplay guests.



Tsunami 15 2009:

Neon Genocide and I were International cosplay guests.


Katsucon 2008:
Tira costume Walk-on: Won best Masters Craftsmanship


XXXIII Convención de Juegos de Mesa y Comics 2008:
Pixiekitty was an international cosplay guest


Anime USA 2008:
Ambrosia's Tenchi Muyo Skit: Won Best in Show



T-mode 2007:
We were cosplay guests and judges.

Katsucon 2005:
Rikku Can't Dance Skit. Won Craftsmanship Best Use of Color and Precision