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Birthday: March, 20th
Height: 6'2''
Hair: Dark Brown (usually dyed blonde!) 
Eyes: Blue 

Favorite games: Final Fantasy, Ace Combat, Halo Series, Resident Evil (especially 4), Dead or Alive, Soul Edge/Soul Caliber, Star Ocean

Favorite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Witch Hunter Robin, Gasaraki, Iria, Venus Wars, Last Exile, Ergo Proxy, Armatige the 3rd, Princess Mononoki, Spirited Away, Ghost in th Shell, Angel Santuary, Noir, Bleach, & Eurika Seven. 

Bands: Metallica, Disturbed, Voltaire, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Ill Nino, Cruxshadows, Flaw, Cold, Breaking Benjamin, Brother, Mudvayne, Staind, Man-o-War, Kamelot, Epica, etc… This list could go on forever ^.~

Obsessions: Pixiekitty, Videogames, Anime, RPG’s (D&D, Ages End,  Dead Lands), Miniatures, Warhammer 40k (Death to the False Emperor), Building computers, Music, and Collecting Videogame and Anime Figures. 


More about me...

+ I am married to Pixiekitty and live with her and our small community of animals. 

+ Our lion bunny Luna is the entertainment center peice of our living room.

+ Cosplay is a big part of my life, it’s originally how Pixiekitty and I met.  I don’t sew  so I am more of a model these days to Pixie’s designs.  I usually make the props while she sews on the costumes.

+ I think of my self as a laid back person nut really quite shy. However I am loud and a little crazy around my close friends.

+ I have turned into a neat freak after a few bad experiences at college, though I hate to cook or mop. 

+ I love meeting new people at conventions and hanging out with everyone,- that’s really why I go to conventions now. So please come up to me and say hello if you see me around!

+ I listen to music almost constantly.  It's always been a big part of my life.  Mostly hard rock, heavy metal, and symphonic metal, but I will listen to it all.-even some country and rap is go every once and a while

+ Every Tuesday is game night over at my friend’s house.  We just get together to eat, catch up with each other and generally have a good time.  Sometimes we even make some progress in the campaign we are playing or actually finish an entire night of poker.



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