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Pixie Kitty



Name:. Jamie
Birthday: April 27
Height: 5'2''
Hair: Plum/brown
Eyes: Blue 

Favorite games: Parasite Eve, Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Resident Evil series, Death Stranding, The Last of Us, Detroit Become Human

Pixie Kitty



+ I love Cats, space, unicorns, rainbows, glitter.

+  I think O-possums and porcupines are really cute!

+ I hate to watch videos of myself. I usually can only watch a recording of myself once.

+ I talk too much.

+ Large crowds at parties sometimes make me nervous

+ I have two cats and a lion head bunny.

+ I make cat toys and other crafts to raise money for cat rescues.


Conner and I

Conner and I