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Dejiko - Digi Charat

Debuted: Anime NEXT 2008

Worn at: Anime NEXT 2008, Otakon 2008, Anime USA 2008, Anime USA 2010 

Notes: This was a fun and easy costume! It's very comfortable except for the fact that the fleece feet and gloves are HOT and the anime bangs get in my eyes when the wind blows. Making Gema Gema (the upside down yellow blob guy) and carrying him around was tons of fun! I love my fat little kitty tail! It's my squishy squishy sausage tail!

*Piyoko cosplayed by Catsiy
* Rabien Rose cosplayed by Amazonmandy
* Puchiko cosplayed by Kurzes Haar


Anime USA 2010:

Photos by Judy:

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Anime USA 2008:



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Otakon 2008:

Photos by David Ng

P8080314 P8080319 P8080321 P8080325 P8080328 P8080309P8080278P8080331 P8080335 P8080337 P8080339 P8080342 P8080343 P8080344 P8080351


Anime NEXT 2008:

Photos by Chris Ronin

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