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We are back from Otakon 2010 in Baltimore, MD. There will be many new photos and two new costumes added (Snow and Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII) within the next few days! It's been an extremely stressful and tiring two weeks trying to get everything finished in time, but we managed to get it all completed! Keep checking back for new stuff!

For now, here are some silly photos from the convention:


Two new costumes added: 
Albert Wesker - Resident Evil
Kaito - Vocaloid

New photos added:
Alexander Anderson - Hellsing
Seifer Almasy - Final Fantasy 8
Tira - Soul Calibur 4
Black Mage Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2
Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid 2

Back from Expo TNT 19
We are back from Expo TNT 19 in Mexico City! Thank you everyone who we met - it was a wonderful experience to come to TNT! We have uploaded some photos from our trip here!
For more cosplay photos from the event check out these sites:

Stay tuned for photos of two brand new costumes for Neon Genocide: Albert Wesker from Resident Evil and Kaito from Vocaloid! Also, a brand new armor tutorial will be up very shortly! It is almost complete!

Added some new Ex-Mode Ultimecia photos. More stuff to come in the next week!

I am getting some new costume photos together to add to this site soon. The next tutorial on my list to complete is armor making. I really want to get that up and running soon. I have been super busy with other things, and my computer had some massive virus issues that prevented me from updating pixiekitty.net as much as I would like to! Sorry for the delays in updates recently!

I put up two more new costume pages:
Ex-mode Ultimecia from Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Rakka from Haibane Renmei 

Coming soon:
New Costume: Neon Genocide as Hyoko from Haibane Renmei
New photos: Hastune Miku, Black Mage Rikku (with Black Mage Paine and Yuna!), Seifer Almasy

You also probably notice the two adorable drawings I temporarily added to the layout to celebrate my new costume Ex-Mode Ultimecia being complete! lol They were drawn for me by friends based on the ongoing joke I have about Griever loving bacon! They crack me up so bad; I just had to put them up here! The top right image was drawn by Ellie aka Dustbunny, and the one above was drawn byAmazonmandy.

I also added Expo TNT 19 to our list of upcoming events. Neon Genocide and I will be International cosplay guests there at the end of April. We are very excited to meet everyone!

We are back from Katsucon for yet another year! Here are some of my convention fun photos.

I have tons of new things to add to the site, but for now here is what I have added: 
New costume: Treecko - Pokemon Gijinka
New Photos: Delphine - Last Exile

There are still three new costumes to add as well as many new photos, and some new tutorials coming up soon! Here are some previews of some of the new stuff coming soon:

I got one of those Q&A Formspring pages. I saw that some of my friends had them, and thought it could be a fun idea! It's either a good or bad idea, not sure yet. XD Anyways, you can ask me random questions here! Now it's off to work, then continuing to get ready for Katuscon which is coming up in two weeks!

First update of 2010! I hope everyone had a good holiday season! I am hard at work with new costumes and arranging trips currently. I wasn't feeling well this weekend, so I took the sit-down time to change the layout of the site once again.  I cleaned up a lot of the content. Hooray! Stay tuned for more updates. I haven't forgotten about the tutorials and all the awesome requests I have gotten - I have just been bogged down with lots of stuff to do lately. 

I went to Anime USA in Arlington Va. two weeks ago, and I finally got the chance to add my newest costume:  Delphine from Last Exile! 
I am still waiting to get back from awesome photos with my friend Mandy as Adult Delphine! I will add those as soon as I have them, so stay tuned!

More new photos: 
Quackers from My Little Ponies 
Pocco from Yamashita Artbook. 

New costumes
Young Delphine from Last Exile 
Baby Spice from the Spice Girl

Some new photos of  and were added today! I am behind on posting costume photos, so I will be getting some more new content up within the week along with another new costume I wore to Dragon Con (Baby Spice). I just got back from Anime USA, and have a new costume to post from that as well!

New Pocco photos posted

I have gotten tons of questions and requests for this tutorial. It's finally up and running! Here is the tutorial for light-up Vocaloid sleeves! 

The next order of business is to get some more of our new costume photos up!

I'm working on tweaking the size of this new layout as well as other stuff before I make it permanent, so you'll be seeing lots of weirdo changes in the next few days  - sorry!

New layout that I am finally happy with! Currently, I only have the main page updated with the new layout- the old Vocaloid layout will show up on all other pages. I'll be working to get all of the pages within pixiekitty.net updated with the new layout throughout the week! 

New costume gallery added: Pocco  from Shunya Yamashita Artworks!

I am playing around with new layout ideas, and I thought I'd upload this one for a little while. The layout has only changed for this main page, and so the rest of the pages are still in the old Vocaloid layout format. I haven't decided if I want to let go of the past layout just yet, and changing all the pages to this format is a lot of work! Still working on getting new photos, tutorials,  and costume  stuff up!

Meanwhile, enjoy this creepy layout of my oversaturated Tira eyes staring at you! 

Back from Dragon Con with lots of new stuff to upload to pixiekitty.net! I'm currently waiting on photos back from some photographers that I did shoots with, so I'll be posting photos of a few more new costumes after I get some more photos back! For now, I have posted our Dharma Scientist costumes! I also uploaded some random photos from the convention here. I also have some photos from a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball shoot done at Otakon this year that I forgot to post! Check back soon for more updates to the site! 

Previews of new stuff coming soon:

Almost one month since the last update! We've been working really hard to get ready for Dragon Con, and we've been doing lots of fun stuff as well (which you can find photos of here). We are leaving for Dragon Con tomorrow in Atlanta, GA! There will be new costumes and photos posted afterwards, and a new tutorial sometime after. The next tutorial on my list is making things light up - I get more questions about this than ANYTHING else currently (and most of them are people asking when I'm going to have the tutorial up). Don't worry, I'll get it up eventually - I am just really really busy with real life stuff, so it does take me a while to get these things typed up and put on here. I don' t set any deadlines for that sort of stuff since this website is a part of my hobby. 

I will be making regular tweets during Dragon con, so if you're interested in what I'm up to, be sure to follow my Twitter

(Frank is flying to the moon with his new rocket pack! (aka a part of my new costume for Dragon Con!)

I finally got a new tutorial up! I also finally caved and got a Twitter account! Feel free to follow me on there - it's sure to be full of random weird thoughts! I am working on several new things for Dragon Con coming up in September, and we have some more new costume photos to add soon!


We are back from Otakon with lots of new content to share! There are three new costumes posted, as well as new photos of previous costumes. You can click on the photos to your right to view the new stuff!
Thank you very much to those of you who came up to say hi and comment on the tutorials! Hearing that they are helpful really makes me feel that the work I put into them is worthwhile! I am sorry with the slow speed in getting them up, but a busy schedule often limits my time!

Also, now you can sign up to receive e-mail updates! Every time there is an update to this website, you will receive an email with the details! I thought this would be helpful for those of you who are waiting for tutorials to come up.


Hi everyone! I've been super busy preparing for Otakon and Dragon Con as well as working at my job. I'm also working on pumping out more tutorials that have been requested. There were will be hordes of new stuff on this site very soon! Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and kickin'! 
Here's a photo of my cat Frank and I diligently working:

Sorry for the lack of tutorials/updates lately! I have been super busy with work and other things. I am currently working on two new costumes for myself and one for Neon Genocide. I hope to have all three completed for Otakon in July, but we'll see if time permits. I finally got around to finishing up another tutorial! 

New tutorial added:

New tutorial added:

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