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Tira Player 2 - Soul Calibur 4

Debuted: Katsucon 2009
Worn at:  Katsucon 2009, Tsunami 15 - Merida, Mexico, Otakon 2009, Expo TNT 19
Awards: Best Master craftsmanship at Katsucon 2009 (ring blade was not taken to judging)

Notes: This was a fun costume to tackle - I definitely learned a lot. I love that were are so many little details to work with. I had the most fun drafting a pattern and making the armor - those are the costume parts I enjoy working on! It was made with a combo of Wonderflex, craft foam, and Paper Clay. (the skull pendants on the shoes and skirt were also made in the same way). Actually all of the parts of this costume were drafted by me - I made my own patterns up for everything. There was a lot of randomly cutting scrap fabric and pinning it together happening.

Overall, things went very well with this costume, and it's incredibly durable, so I was very pleased! I feel like it came out the way I had envisioned it to, and it was well worth all the hard work and last few nights of cramming before Katsucon 09. 

**Ringblade made by Lionboogy

Expo TNT 19 2010:

Photos by idolcosplay.com:

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Photos by Cato:

TNT19_D3_2952TNT19_D3_293TNT19_D3_294TNT19_D3_296TNT19_D3_297 TNT19_D3_292

Katsucon 2009:

Photos by Lionboogy:



Photo by David Ng

Photos by Eurobeatking