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Penelo - Final Fantasy XII

Debuted: Anime  USA 2007 - Arlington, Va. 
Worn at: Anime  USA 2007, Katsucon 2008, XXXIII Convención de Juegos de Mesa y Comics

I feel like this costume took me way longer than it should have - about 6 months! Some of the reasoning behind that is how busy my life has been with getting married, moving, and starting a new job, and part of it is my perfectionist insane attitude toward it. So here's the part  where I gush about all of my hard work and insanity.

 The costume design sadly doesn't look like it would take that much time, but I put a lot of effort to get every detail of this costume - though I still missed a few. Every part of this costume is made of pleather/vinyl except for the white undershirt- and vinyl is NOT easy to sew....sewing machines do not get along well with it! However, I was determined to make it all from that material for accuracy (though real leather would be the MOST accurate, I am not rich nor do I want a a butt-load of dead animal skin all over me).  I made about 3 versions of the base for the shoulder armor before I was completely happy with it. I also remade the armlets twice. All of the details on the boots and on the sides of the legs are separate pieces of vinyl that I hand stitched  (with the help of a thimble) on for accuracy and cleanness.

I sacrificed my old White Mage Rikku boots for the base of the boots, and I SO happy with how they came out! They have to be my absolute favorite part of the costume. They are also very durable, and not one thing on them started to fall apart as I walked around in them all day at the convention - that's something I really worked hard to accomplish. I actually did "battle tests" on them while walking up and down the stairs with them at my house! I also love the wig! I laced a few pieces of wire into the pigtails to make them stand out like hers do - but I hate how the wig has little stray hairs everywhere! I also gradient colored the two feathers (pink and purple) that are in each pigtail! I am a nerd :) 


Katsucon 2008:

Photos by Eurobeatking

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Photos by Cosclips:



Anime USA 2007:

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Photos by Lionboogy:

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