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White Mage Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2

Debuted: Nekocon 2004
Worn at: Nekocon 2004, Ohayocon 2006

 I originally started working on this costume when I had a broken arm with a large brace. It was the only costume I could think of that was appealing to me and at the same time, would hide my brace in case it wasn't off for my next convention.  I was pretty happy in it, it was comfortable and warm for the colder months! All of the designs on this were hand painted, and I hand made my staff with wire, clay, and of course a dowel rod for the long handle part. I later made a White Mage Yuna Costume for my friend Megan to wear with me! We had so much fun together in these costumes!


Ohayocon 2006:


Spring 2005 Photoshoot:

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Nekocon 2004:

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