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Gun_Female houmei

Debuted: Katsucon 2015
Worn at: Katsucon 2015, Ellicott City shoot 2015

I saw the concept art of the Beritra armor set for this game, and I was instantly intrigued. Once I started to actually play the game, I realized that I liked the gunslinger version of it the most. So ...I cosplayed it of course! I have been playing Aion ever since, and love it! :P The costume was made by me, including wig styling. I used two different wigs and sewed them together for the effect.

I am actually cosplaying one of my own characters, Houmei. I decided not to paint my skin, because it would have such a pain in the butt! She is Asmodian (go Asmos!), and so I have claws and a back man of pretty purple hair that fades to white at the boom. My skin is so pale, it almost looks gray sometimes anyways...! haha!

Those awesome guns wre made by Neon Genocide. They light up!!! So cool, love them! He's so good at props..and I'm glad, because I hate to make props!

Ellicott City 2015

Photos by Dancing Squirrel Photography:

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Photos by Diann Trotman Photography:

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Photo by Cyberhead Designs


Katsucon 2015:

Photos by P Karpey Photography

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