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Sorceress Ultimecia - Final Fantasy VIII

Debuted: Otakon 2006
Worn at: Otakon 2006, Ohayocon 2007
Awards: Craftsmanship honorable mention Ohayocon 2007

I made pretty much everything you see on it...and I was VERY picky about each detail as to make it as close as possible to the original design. I learned so much making this costume, and came up with my own techniques to do new stuff. This costume had me making my first pair of wings ever! I am very proud of them!

There is a half ring of wire hand sewn into the bottom of the dress train along with large amounts of hand sewn feather trim. The tights were hand painted, and I even carved and hand painted each nail  that is attached to the gloves. It took a lot of hand sewing and tailoring to get the dress to fit me correctly, and to have the weird puffy sleeves and shoulders like the design. The only major thing that I am unhappy with on it is how the wig responded to...ANYTHING. It became a complete tangled mess at the slightest movement, and it was really annoying! I did get a new wig for this costume before I wore it to Ohayocon 2007, however I don't have many photos of it. I deffinately plan to wear it a lot more in the future though!

After all of the complicated work on various parts of this costume, it's kind of silly that my favorite thing on it is the necklace! I love how it came out looking so close to the reference picture that I had.  I made these really pretty earrings from crystal beads that I am also quite fond of as well, but you rarely see them in photos, because the wig covers them up. The red necklace part is painted onto my body with the round jewels glued on with fashion tape. I didn't think that making it a full necklace could get the effect that the reference picture has. 

Ohayocon 2007:

I was finally able to get a new wig for this costume...and it looks SO much better! Sadly enough, I didn't get too many photos of me in the costume at this convention due to a series of bad luck and circumstances that could not be helped. boooo! 

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Otakon 2006

Photos by Deathcom:

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Photos by Lionboogy

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Photos by Eurobeatking

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