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Terra - Final Fantasy VI

Notes:  There is SO much to say about this one...but I am far too lazy to type it all. It's based on a mixture of Amano photos (shown above). I did a lot of hand sewing with this one. Most of the trims and delicate beading had to be hand sewn...and sadly most of the tiny little details I worked so hard on often don't show up in photos. There is a lot of beading around the top section of the bodice, as well as tons of hand sewn trim, fringe, and beads throughout the cape - yeah typical Amano ingredients I suppose... I also added little jingle bells along the trim of the cape bottom. But it made the cape heavier and much harder to keep under control for photos, lol.

My whole aim while creating this costume was to make its parts look water colored. Every single piece of fabric on this costume was painted or altered in some way - and I don't mean altered by sewing. I added the sheer black zebra print to plain white sheer material, custom colored the pink sash, painted the bodice, and did a lot of beading with the arm bands. I also costum colored the fabrics in the cape to have purple gradients.

I tried my best to keep it as unique from other Terra Cosplayers as possible, but of course there are just some things that have to be there on certain characters. The back of the dress also laces up the back, but is hidden when I wear the cape. My boots, green contacts, and wig are definitely my favorite parts.  I'm so glad I decided to get the green contacts - they made wearing it so much more fun! I had so much fun being creative with this costume!


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Anime USA 2006

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