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Debuted: Otakon 2010
Worn at: Otakon 2010, Dragon Con 2010, Kitacon 2011, Anime USA 2011, Katsucon 2011, Otakon 2012, Otakon 2013, Katsucon 2014, Ellicott Citty 2014
Awards: Best Craftsmanship of Friday at Anime USA 2011

As soon as we saw a picture of this character, we knew this costume had to be made for Neon Genocide. I think he looks so much like the character, and I was so excited to see him in the complete costume for the first time at Otakon 2010! 

Construction notes: 
The construction of the costume was pretty easy; just another long coat to make for Neon Genocide! Nearly all of his costumes seem to have a long coat of some kind.

I decided to start this two weeks before Otakon, and I was determined to finish it in time so that he could be part of our FFXIII cosplay group!  Between working full time, daily life commitments, and working on the costume, it was a stressful two weeks. I think it was well worth it though! I got lucky and found my old Aya Brea wig to chop up for his wig (but we are getting him a new wig soon). The khaki colored twill coat was made from scratch by me (Pixie Kitty) and is fully lined with a lighter color twill on the inside. All of the little detail lines are stitched in with dark gray thread, giant side pockets, button holes, buttons, snaps, studs...the whole deal. The vest is lined in blue with a large double separating zipper in the front. The boot spats are made of real leather (courtesy of the wonderful Fire Lily!), and they are fully functional with buckles and snaps. The gloves were bought already with a zipper, and I just added the extra (useless) buckle onto them. 

I am very proud of the necklaces; they are my favorite part! The larger engagement necklace is made of Wonderflex and Paper clay with added jewels and rings, then painted with a silver nail polish. The smaller Nora Cat pendant is a combination of Craft Foam and Paper Clay...with added gems and snow flake beads going up the chain. This was also painted with silver nail polish. The armor thing on his left arm is made of Craft Foam and the bottom of a Full Throttle can, then attached to a twill arm band with grommets that ties with a leather strap. The pants are very basic straight leg with belt loops, made of black cotton twill. We had to settle for the closest blue plaid fabric we could find at the time for the front fabric panel, but we are hoping to find something a little more accurate to update it with soon! The white fringe on the bottom of the blue plaid panel was dyed to be a darker blue/gray color.

The correct studded belt did not come in time for the convention, so we used a belt stand-in. We now have the correct one...go figure...it came right after the convention! I made the majority of this costume in about a week.

 Thank you so much to Firelily for cheering me on, and helping us to finish up stuff in the hotel room the night before the convention! 

Feral Pride
(added to costume April 2011)

The weapon emblems on the back of the coat are based from this image:

Snow has multiple weapon designs on his coat through out the game as you equip different stuff. I decided to tackle this particular design, because it's my favorite. I added this to the coat for Kitacon 2011, where we were guests in the UK. It's a lot of hand painting on fabric, Heat N' Bond, and hand stitching. I re-watched 4 seasons of the show Lost while making this sucker! It was SO much work, but I adore how it came out. I'm super proud of my work on this one, and Neon Genocide looks so great in it! You wear it well sir! Indeed! 

Anime USA 2011:

Photos by LJinto:

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Photos by Mindfall:

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Kitacon 2010:

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Photos by Pouncy:
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Otakon 2010:

Photos by Psychoticsmiley:

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Photos by Mindfall:


Ellicott City Photo Shoot 2014

Photos by KDoran Photography:

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Photos by Dancing Squirrel Photography: