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Shilo Wallace - Repo! The Genetic Opera

Debuted: Dragon Con 2010 
Worn at: Dragon Con 2010

This is the final dress/under dress that Shilo wears at the end of the movie.

This was very easy to make, so I made it at the last minute for Dragon Con 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia! I love this musical/movie so much! I wasn't sure about it at first, but a day after I watched it the songs were stuck  in my head! It's so brilliantly put together. I actually turned out looking a lot more like this character than I thought I would. I was afraid I'd look really awkward in a long black wig. I made my skin more pale (yes! I can actually be more pale than I already am!), and put some red around my eyes so I would look ill. The main reason I made this costume was to cosplay with my friends Mandy and Matt who did Blind Mag and the Repo Man. The wig was cut and loaned to me by my friend Amazonmandy. I borrowed the boots from my friend Maggie; mine randomly self-destructed while wearing them at the airport! WTF!? The dress and medical hologram bracelet thing took me a very minimal amount of time/work. It's fun and easy to wear. 


 Dragon Con 2010:

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