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She-ra -Princess of Power

Debuted: Dragon Con 2008
Worn at: Dragon Con 2008, Dragon Con 2010

Notes: I came up with the idea of cosplaying She-Ra for Dragon Con a few months before the convention, but it ended up being very rushed as I was very burned out from Otakon that happened just barely a month before Dragon Con. Luckily, everything turned out fine, and I am very happy with the costume. I have a lot of boning and a duck clothe base to the bodice to make it stiff and form fitting. Those boots...UGH...they don't really look like it, but they HURT! Just a few steps in them, and I knew that my poor feet were doomed! The armor and headpiece are made from craft foam (headpiece has a Wonderflex base to help hold its shape). Also I forgot to wear my cape for half of the way when I wore it, so some of the photos are cape-less which makes me sad! 


Dragon Con 2010:


Photos by LJinto:



Dragon Con 2009:

Photos by Digital Dreams Photography


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Photos by Neon Genocide