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Sasami - Tenchi Muyo

Debuted: Anime USA 2008
Worn at:  Anime USA 2008
Awards:  Best in Show  at Anime USA 2009

Notes: This costume was made for a giant Tenchi Muyo gathering and a skit with some friends at Anime USA 2008 in Arlington, Va.! It was a lot of fun to run around in, and our skit won best in show plus a judge's award! I made 9 rainbow cardboard lollipops that sparkle for the skit, and so my basement looked like Willy Wonka's Candy Factory the week before the convention! Thankfully, everyone took one home so I didn't have to haul them back home, hooray for that. The only difficult part of this costume for me was the wig. It is a custom color that I made with sharpies and alcohol over a grayish-silver wig which I had originally expected to bewhite. In the end though, it worked out well, and I am very happy with how this costume turned out! I was only able to wear my red contacts for the morning photo shoot though since my wee little eyes aren't used to them! At least I got some photos with them in and before my little freckles rubbed off after wearing it all day! 

A video of the skit can be found here.

This costume has been sold.

Anime USA 2008:

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