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Quackers - My Little Pony

Debuted: Katsucon 2008
Worn at: Katsucon 2008, Dragon Con 2008, Dragon Con 2009

Notes: This costume was basically all in good silly fun! I somehow managed to get a large group of people to agree to doing a My Little Pony group for Katsucon 2008! It was a great turn-out, and we all had a lot of fun! Basically, everyone just picked a pony to base their costume on, and made their costumes however they wanted to represent that pony. Contrary to what some people believe, none of us took ourselves too seriously with this - it's supposed to be silly! I did have a lot of fun making this costume! The train is detachable, and has the duck pictures on each side. The jacket also has the duck on the back. My favorite parts have to be the little duck buttons on the jacket and my HUGE boa tail. I was going for a "show girl" look. The ears were just made with Wonderflex and clay, and have little ducks on them! I colored an originally white wig myself with sharpies.  I drew several sketches before I was happy with my design for this costume.

Dragon Con 2009:

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Dragoncon 2008:

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Katsucon 2008:

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