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Princess Peach - Super Princess Peach

Debuted: Anime  USA 2007 - Arlington, Va. 
Worn at: Anime  USA 2007

Notes: I chose to do this costume for Anime USA about 3 weeks before the convention - mainly because I fell in love with the cuteness of Mario and everything involved with it again - thanks to my Nintendo DS. Super Princess Peach is what tipped me over the edge to cosplay her! That game is too cute!

My favorite parts are the wig, purse, and crown! The wig base I chose was so easy to style, and it came out looking just how I had envisioned it! I wanted it to have the characteristic Peach style without looking too tacky or funky. Things I want to change for future wears of this costume include more puffy sleeves, a yellow parasol, and a more puffy petticoat or a hoopskirt.

I have since sold this costume!

Anime USA 2007:

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Photos by Lionboogy:

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Photos by Cosclips:

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