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Pocco - Shunya Yamashita Artwork

Debuted: Dragon Con 2009
Worn at:  Dragon Con 2009, Expo TNT 2010

Notes: This costume was based off of art and a figure designed by Shunya Yamashita. The character's name is Pocco. This costume actually ended up being tougher than it looks! There are so many little fine details all over it even though it's so damn skimpy! 

Neon Genocide and I worked together on the wings. It was his genius mind that actually drew out all the parts and attached them together! I spent hours painting all the details and highlighting them in metallic purple. I don't want to see silver and metallic purple paint again for a long time! The wings disconnect from the base for easier suitcase travel. I love how the wings came out thanks to my wonderful cosplay partner <3



Dragon Con 2009

Photos by Darkain:

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Photos by Judy:

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Photos by LJinto:

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Photos by Neon Genocide:

shunya1 shunya2shunya5 shunya6shunya8shunya11 shunya9shunya10shunya4poccod09pic5poccod09pic7