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Nyanko Cat Peach Bun - San-x

Debuted: Tekkoshocon 2007
Worn: Tekkoshocon 2007, Otakon 2007, T-Mode 2007


This dress is designed after a line of plush cats by San-X that "disguise" themselves as food. Their official website can be found here !

I came up with the idea of making this dress after a dream I had about seeing someone in a brown Nyanko dress! Strange but true. I put a lot of love into this design, and even though it's quite simple looking, there are a lot of little tedious details within it. The dress is white cotton fabric lined with a dark pink - giving it a light pink appearance.

All of the little green ruffles on the apron were hand made by me, and the little Peach Bun Nyankos are ironed-on images that I edited in Photoshop to be more crisp and clear. I did a slightly darker pink gradient on the bottom of the dress, and hand-colored white lace to be the same pink with a fade to a darker pink at the very bottom. The matching purse was made with the same fabrics and techniques as the dress. I purchased the pink petticoat that is under the dress.

The shoes are my absolute FAVORITE part! I love how they sort of look like a 50's poodle skirt style. They were originally suede shoes that I bought, then I mixed textile medium with paints and re-colored them; they each also have a leaf and ribbon on each buckle. The cat ears were made for me as a Christmas gift by Wintersknight...they also feature ribbons and leaves to match the theme! Later, my friend Yaya gave me a set of ears she made to wear with the costume as well. The pony falls were very simple and easy to create with blonde hair extensions and various types of ribbon and lace.


T-Mode 2007
Photos by David NG

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Photos by Neon Genocide Spring 2006

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