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Hatsune Miku Original Dress

Debuted:Anime USA 2011
Worn at: Anime USA 2011
Notes: I originally put this costume together for Kitacon in the UK, but I didn't end up wearing it there! It was for a cosplay ball they were having at the convention, so I needed a formal version of a character. It was super fast and easy, and I just added all the teal details to an already made dress. Yep.

Luka cosplayed by Amazonmandy

Anime USA 2011:

Photos by LJinto:

ljintomikuausa2011dress2 ljintomikuausa2011dress3 ljintomikuausa2011dress4 ljintomikuausa2011dress5 ljintomikuausa2011dress6 ljintomikuausa2011dress7

Photo by Mindfall:

fancymikumindfall1fancymikumindfall2 fancymikumindfall3 vocaloid__ausa_2011_by_mindfall-d4gxpk1