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Aw - MEAW (Vocaloid Virtual Idols)

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Debuted: Katsucon 2012
Worn at: Katsucon 2012

Notes: I loved this design from the first time I saw the art. The pink haired girl is Me and the blue haired girl is Aw. It seems like these girls should be part of the Vocaloid characters, but i'm not sure if they really are official.
Here is their official website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/meaw/

Aw was cosplayed by Amazonmandy, and we coordinated fabrics and accessories to match each other. The heart chokers were cast in resin, and the cat ear headphones are a basic set of headphones with Wonderflex and Paper Clay for the ears.

Katsucon 2012:

Photos by Lionboogy:

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Photos by Mindfall:

vocaloid_meauw_4__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4rjdoxpk vocaloid_meauw_4__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4rjduspk vocaloid_meauw_6__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4rje0dpk vocaloid_meauw_7__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4rje3apk vocaloid_meauw_2__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4rjdk0pk vocaloid_meauw__katsucon_2012_by_mindfall-d4qgbls

Photos by Laurel Joly:

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Photos by Jason:

katsumeawjason3 katsumeawjason4 katsumeawjason5 meawljinto1