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Lilith - Darkstalkers

Debuted: Katsucon 2008
Worn at: Katsucon 2008, Anime NEXT 2008, Otakon 2008, Katsucon 2009, Tsunami 15 - Merida, Mexico, Katsucon 2011
Awards: Katsucon 2008 Spirit Award

Notes: Both of these costumes were based off of my ideas on construction, and were planned out by me. Catsiy and I bought the same fabrics and materials, and worked very closely together so that they would match as much as possible! These costumes were a literal nightmare. Everything that could of gone wrong during construction DID go wrong I think. I tried a few different fabrics and designs. We definitely wanted the leotard to be one piece, and we did not want to have clear fishing line holding up our wings. We accomplished those two things, and thus were very pleased! The wings are a mesh base that are covered in the same fabrics used for our costumes - they are attached to a really sturdy corset underneath the body suit - so they do sort of stand on their own enough so that we can pose with our arms and they don't fall to the ground. We put a lot of detailing into our wings - we even have veins/bones sticking out on the backs! We also have gradients on the inner parts of our back and head wings - Morrigan's are much more noticeable than the Lilith wings (which are blue to dark green)!

I painted both sets of tights as poor Catsiy wore them for long periods of time! XD The feather trims were also made by me, because we didn't have time or money to buy expensive feather trims (why they cost so much, i'll never know). I dyed stretch white cotton for my sleeves to match my tights, and costume colored, cut, and sized my boots (doesn't seem like it was that much work when you look at the simple design of these things). Catsiy's Morrigan wig started out as a white godiva wig that I custom colored with various colors of sharpie and cut up. It was originally for my Terra costume, but never got used - so we got to save money on that, and it happened to work out well! 

*Morrigan cosplayed by Catsiy

Katsucon 2011:

Photos by Mindfall:

mindfalldarkstalkers4 mindfalldarkstalkers3 mindfalldarkstalkers2 mindfalldarkstalkers1


Katsucon 2009

Photos by Ljinto

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Photos by Judy:

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Photos by Lionboogy:

edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-003 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-005edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-007 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-010 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-013 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-021 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-029 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-030 edit-Katsu2009-Darkstalkers-033


Otakon 2008:

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Photos by Eurobeat King:

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Anime NEXT 2008:

Photos by Chris Ronin

IMG_6608b sigeyeeditIMG_6599b sigedit3


Katsucon 2008:

Photos by Kevin Chan

_DSC0623_DSC0630 _DSC0632

Photos by cosclips:

Photos by David Ng:

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