Totally Parasite Eve

"Aya in Soho"

Well...this layout is OK....I really thought it looked neat at first. I got tired of it quick. It's still the current layout for TPE though. After I got this layout up, TPE went downhill and lost a lot of popularity. I guess I just got lazy and stopped updating, darn it! I really need get off my lazy bum and move that site to my new server with a new layout (which I have already made)! Either that or delete it for good...

"Sexy Aya Green"

This layout was sort of plain, but served it's purpose. This was the first layout of TPE after I decided to resize it to make it smaller and more manageable for me. I defiantly lost a lot of popularity after I cut down on the size of this site, but it was far too big to keep up with for just one person.

"Lovely Blue Aya"

Wee! I loved this layout a lot! I got lots of feedback from it. I think this layout is what put TPE on the map! After I got this layout up, I got tons of hits, and lots of feedback and e-mails. This is easily my favorite layout for Totally Parasite Eve ever!



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