Dreams of Me


"You're still a Whisper..."

"Digi Charat Blues"


.: Jill vs. Nemesis :.

I love the Resident Evil series. I made this layout after I saw the amazing Resident Evil movie. I really loved this layout, and it stayed up for a long time.


"This is how I FEEL"

Lulu is so pretty! :P That is exactly why I used her in this layout. I did edit the picture a lot on the top, but the design of the tables is almost exactly the same as the layout below with some color changes.

"My Dreams keep me Sane"

This was my first attempt at making my blog a single page, with tables. It worked out okay, but I am still learning. I am sort of new to using all tables on pages and no frames. I really liked this picture, and thought it suited my domain name since it was a cute little cat girl. I was going to use it for my main domain page, but then I decided it would work better for this site when I started experimented with it in Paint Shop Pro. I got sick of this layout really fast though, so *POOF* it'z outta' there!

"Cyber Swim"

okay. Blue again! lol. Well I do like to use blues in my layouts, that's for sure! I really liked this picture and just had to use it for something. I was pretty proud of this layout when I finally got it up too! 

"Take me to the Stars"

I think this layout is okay. It's very...blue. I found this picture somewhere on the internet and thought it was really cute so I decided to use it for my journal layout. This layout features a character from the anime "Love Hina". I've never saw this anime before but I hope to soon. It looks really cute! This is the current layout for my journal site, but I'm sure I won't be keeping this layout for long.

"Yummy Strawberries"

Ahh! This one makes me hungry! I love this layout! It features Kero-Chan from my favorite anime, Card Captor Sakura! He's just so cute! I used a lot of red in this layout which is also different from my normal style. I usually use a lot of purples and blues for some reason, so this was a nice change. This one is defiantly one of my all-time favorite layouts so far!

"Floating Away"

This was another layout that is "different" in my style. I used a lot of earth colors for this one, and a lot of tables within frames. My friend said it looked a faerie thing. I really liked this layout at first, but it seemed sort of plain after a while because the only main graphic was the menu/title thing of the side.

"Blue Lady"

A lot people told me they liked this layout. I did too. I got tired of it really quick though. It was still a bit dark for my taste, but I still like it. I really liked the shades of blue in this layout. The layout featured art by a very talented girl named Becky.

"Kimono Green"

I really liked this layout. It took a lot of work and time to edit the image on the side. It features Hiraku from The Magic Knights Rayearth. I also thought this was an original color of green to use for a layout. This is one of my favorites.

"Lovely Roses"

This was the first layout for my journal site called Dreams of Me. I liked this layout at first, but I got sick of it fast. I don't go for all the browns and dual colors in it. Plus, there wasn't much effort on my part. I just resized and image, cut it, and stuck it on the side.

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