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Joshua - Chrono Crusade

Debuted: Otakon 2009 - Baltimore, MD 
Worn at: Otakon 2009, Otakon 2010, Katsucon 2011

: This is a cosplay that Neon Genocide has wanted to complete for a long time. It's actually sort of an obscure cosplay considering the character only has wings for a very short time in the anime. Happily, his character was recognized quite often at Otakon, so we were happy about that! The
se are Neon Genocide's first pair of wings! He worked very hard on his wings and horns. The wings are hinged and spread/retract for easy crowd walking! The wig was styled by Pixiekitty, and the coat, pants, and tie were all made by Pixiekitty.  We are both very proud of this costume, so you'll be seeing it around at many more conventions!

Katsucon 2011:

Photos by Judith Stephens:

Photos by Mindfall:

Josh1-2Josh3-2 joshua_christopher_2_katsu___11_by_mindfall-d3bt7r3 joshua_christopher_katsu___11_by_mindfall-d3bt7mj mindfalljoshua1


Otakon 2010:

otakon2010joshua otakon2010joshua2 otakon2010joshua5 otakon2010joshua4 otakon2010joshua3


Otakon 2009:

photos by Lionboogy

edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-001 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-026 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-033 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-037 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-039edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-063edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-049 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-051 edit-Otakon2009-Chrono-057

Photos by Pixiekitty

otakon2009joshua5otakon2009joshua6otakon2009joshua1otakon2009joshua2otakon2009joshua3otakon2009joshua7otakon2009joshua8otakon2009joshua9otakon2009joshua10 otakon2009joshua11

Photos by Rob Speed:

joshuarobspeed3editjoshuarobspeed5edit2joshuarobspeed7editCopy of joshuarobspeed1editjoshuarobspeed2edit2joshuarobspeed6edit