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Fuu/Fuujin and Seifer - Kingdom Hearts 2

Debuted together: Otakon 2006
Worn together: Otakon 2006

 Being the huge Seifer dork that he is, Neon Genocide wanted to cosplay this version of Seifer...so we thought it would be fun to be Fuu and Seifer together for Otakon 2006. I absolutely LOATHE how the wig looks though, but I really didn't have the money to spend on a nicer one  since I was also working on Ultimecia at the time. I did try to add a blue-ish tint to the wig only after later realizing that her hair has a LAVENDER tint instead. Oh well - it was fun either way. I must throw out a big thank you to  Wintersknight for finishing the shirt for me when I got irritated and tired the night before the convention!


Otakon 2006:

DSC01005 DSC01008 DSC01009 DSC01010 DSC01011 DSC01018 DSC01023 DSC01029 DSC01034 kh2seifercosplaylab khseifer1 khseifer2 khseifer3 khseifer4 khseifer5 khseifer6otakon2006-m13-fd018 otakon2006-m13-fd021 otakon2006-m13-fd023 otakon2006-m13-fd024