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Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII

Debuted: Otakon 2011
Worn at: Otakon 2011, Katsucon 2012

I completely remade everything on my Edea costume, so it's a brand new cosplay. I made everything for this costume with lots of help on the back piece from Neon Genocide. I created the original models for the designs, and he casted them all in resin and put that sucker together! :)  Whe learned a lot of lessons along the way (some if which I could have done without right beforethe convention!). Thanks to Laura for helping to cut of the extra resin plastic and with some of the painting. 

The helmet is composed of many things. The base of the helmet is Ridgid Wrap covered in Paper clay, the back section that points out was done with Wonderflex before adding the clay. Other materials used include resin, Crayola Model Magic, wire, newspaper, Craft Foam, foam board, Polystyrene Plastic, various types of beads, and Upholstery foam. 

My favorite part of this new costume is definitively the dress! I adore my new dress, because it came out exactly how I wanted it to. I wish the neckline came down a little lower, but other than that I'm super happy with it! 

This costume was first worn to Otakon 2011 in Baltimore, MD. I plan to wear it many more times in the future, despite how painful it is to wear and how irritating it is to get through crowds in!

Katsucon 2012

Photos by Solartemptest:

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Photos by Psychoticsmiley:

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Otakon 2011:

Photos by Psychoticsmiley:

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Photos by Lionboogy:

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Photos by Joseph Lin:
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Photos by Mindfall: