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Earl Grey - Sakizo Afternoon Tea Artbook


Debuted: Otakon 2012
Worn at: Otakon 2012

The hat:
My favorite part. The Earl Grey tea box is a Pumpkin Spice tea box covered with Papier-mâché and Modge Podge, and of course paint. The Earl Grey logo was edited by me in Photoshop, printed out, and glued/Modge Podged onto the box. I made little tea biscuits out of Crayola Model Magic. :) They look yummy!
Each bow started out as a plain white bow which I hand glued other thinner ribbons to for the stripes. The gold details on the lace are hand painted on, and I draped some strings of fresh water pearls on the sides. 

Neck ruffles:
Lots of ruffles hand sewn together with a bunch of gathered ruffles in the back with a hand decorated bow with pearls hanging from it. 

All of the designs on the upper bodice are hand beaded with gold colored seed beads. This is the most hand beading I've ever done on a costume. It was tedious, but pretty fun! The ivory lace on the bottom of the dress started out white, and I colored it with Ivory Design Master paint (Floral Spray)

They are not attached to any part of the costume. Instead, they have elastic at the tops and stay up on my arms on their own.

Pretty simple corset. I just used plastic boning between the fabric and the lining. Hand stitched pearl trim on the sides.

They started out as nude color with the large fish net pattern. I hand glued the little pearls on with Jewel-it.

Another one of my favorite parts of the costume! They started out as plain black pumps. I painted the details, and added everything else (the gold ribbon, ankle strap with bow, and little pearl detail on the front of the shoe). 

I also wore really bright vibrant blue contacts for the costume; I really love how they show up in photos! 


Otakon 2012:

Photos by David Dunn
otakon2012sakizoback earlgreystudio1 earlgreystudio2 earlgreystudio3
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Photos by Bentpic5:

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Photos by Mindfall:

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Photos by Mike Kowalek

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Photos by Sweet Sensation Photography:


Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi:

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Photo by P Karpey Photography: