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Dolce - Sakizo Artwork

Debuted: Otakon 2013
Worn at: Otakon 2013, Balticon 2014

Food on my head = YAY!
I did a lot of hand stitching on this costume! Most of the details and ruffles are hand stitched on. I absolutely adore the iridescent peach fabric that I found for it! The photos really don't do the fabric justice! It's so so pretty! Each of the bows was hand made by gluing different types of ribbons together to get the correct colors and patterns. 

I styled the wig to have more volume, but I really think I look weird in this style! I like the wig, just now how I look in it!I had a lot of fun making the little desserts for the hat! They were made from Crayola Model Magic. The choker took quite a bit of time to make, because I gathered the ruffles and stitched them to a strip of ribbon by hand. The purple bead trim is my own added detail.

The butt puff/bustle is detachable from the corset via a long strip of hook and eyes that goes around the sides of the corset. All of the purple "stones" are resin domes that I painted with a pretty iridescent purple nail polish. The shoes are my favorite part; I love altering shoes for these types of cosplays! I hand made the little ruffle puffs on the back of the shoe straps, and they are removable with strips of velcro! 

The knee high socks are super cute. I hand glued little gold beads onto them. The details on the tops of the socks are an applique trim that I cut into pieces, painted, and then glued on.

Otakon 2013:

Photos by Pauk Karpey:
ppkotakdolce1 ppkotakdolce2 ppkotakdolce3 ppkotakdolce4 ppkotakdolce5

Photos by David Dunn:
dolce1 dolce2 dolce3 dolce4 dolce5 dolce6 dolce7 dolce8 dolce9 dolce10

Balticon 2014

baltinikon3 baltinikon4 baltinikon5

baltinikon6 baltinikon7 baltinikon9