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Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

Debuted: New York Comic Con 2012
Worn at: New York Comic Con 2012

Notes: This costume was a pain in the butt to make , and I didn't get too many good photos of it at New York Comic Con due to lack of photo locations and the massive crowds of people! At least it was comfortable to wear though!

I sponged the gold flecks all over the fabric with an old sock (lol) - don't worry it was a CLEAN old sock. ;)
The gold arm pieces and belt are Craft Foam on top of Polystyrene sheeting - The belt is still pretty frail unfortunately, so my idea didn't work out like as well as I'd hoped.

The wig was a slightly wavy non-heat resistant wig. So I braided it in to a ton of little separate tight braids and steamed it with a garment steamer. I let it dry overnight, and then took all the braids out, and it was in the crimpy style! I was watching Dr. Who episodes on Netflix while doing this to keep me sane! XD

I hope to get better photos of this soon!

New York Comic Con 2012:
Photos by David Dunn

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