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Cristina Vespucci - Assassin's Creed 2


Debuted: Katsucon 2013
Worn at: Katsucon 2013, Ellicott City

Thoughts: I made this costume to wear with my husband Josh (Neon Genocide) as Ezio, and for a group with our friends.
Minerva and White Brotherhood Ezio costumes were made by Firelily

Construction notes: 
This was an easy costume to construct compared to the daunting Ezio costume I worked on beforehand! I just had to rush it to complete it in time, because I spent most of my time on the Ezio costume! There are three seperate dresses layered on top of each other. I chose lots of pretty textured fabrics...and the gold outter coat is actually uplostrey fabric used for couches. (All hail the COUCH QUEEN!)

I'm really proud of the collar! It's my favorite part of the costume - I stiched all of the crossed lines on it with my sewing machine to get the correct pattern. I also really love how hte sleeves came out. It's a comfy little costume to wear, and I am looking forward to wear it many more times!

The wig was from Arda Wigs, and it was super easy to style. I bought a short wig, a bun, and some extensions, sewed it all to the wig. Styled slightly and BOOM Cristina wig. The pretty gold combs were purchased from Etsy, and I added little red jewels to them.


Photos by Kevin Chan

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Photos by Mindfall Media:
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Photos by P Karpey Photography
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Ellicott City 2014

Photos by Donna Lleces:

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Photos by Skwinkography:

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Photos by Mindfall:

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