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C4 Ayane - Dead or Alive 4

Debuted: Anime Expo 2006
Worn at: Anime Expo 2006

Notes: I was really interested in this costume as soon as I saw photos of it. It looked quite challenging! All the designs on the bow and the dress are hand painted by me. That is what my hours of work went into- I started painting the bow material way before I started the rest of the costumer. It was fun though; I love to paint! I didn't quite get this one finished in time for Anime Expo 2006 since I got horribly sick right before the con; it still needs a little more work. My goal was to get it to a wearable state for the convention. 

Anime Expo 2006:

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Photos by Deathcom:

ax2006-dcmse-ayane-020 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-024 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-027 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-030 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-031 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-012ax2006sleepy-ayane ax2006sleepy-ayane2 ax2006-dcmse-ayane-019ax2006-dcmse-ayane-004