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Aya Brea - The 3rd Birthday

Debuted: New York Comic Con 2012
Worn at: New York Comic Con 2012

Notes: The first Parasite Eve game is my favorite video game of all time. I was highly disappointed with Parasite Eve 2, and thought that The 3rd Birthday was fun, but not nearly as awesome as the first game. I did like that they used some of the game music from the first game in it though!

I do love the design of this costume, and it's super comfortable since it's basically normal clothes. It's always nice to hace a comfortable costume in your collection to wear around!

The shirt is made of black pleather with silver gromments, and just laces up with black string in the front. Pretty simple. The bracelet was purchased from E-bay and then bent to a smaller size for my tiny wrist.

The jeans were "distressed" by Neon Genocide; he spent a crap load of time carefully fraying them so they kept the white strands over the holes. He was pretty into it, and made all of the holes accurate to reference art! So I loooove the jeans - because they look awesome and I didn't have to do the work! lol

The best part about wearing this costume was having the oppurtunity to get photos in New York at Times Square - fromt one of the scenes from The 3rd Birthday!

New York Comic Con 2012:
Photos taken in New York City at Times Square!
Photos by David Dunn

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Photos by Jake

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